cocacola_0005_9_860We have a friend who says that time flies when you are on the Internet, and suddenly stops when youtube doesn´t load. Its the same guy who has íntroduced us to Zamir Bermo, an illustrator and designer from Bogotá, Colombia. He has worked in several magazines and collaborated with a few festivals, universities… A quick glance at his Portfolio will give you an idea about his style, clean illustrations, with a childish look, kind of kid book covers… Also he has some other illustrations more complex, influenced by the native South American cultures. (Ex-Libris)

But we are running out of time and that’s exactly what we wanted to talk about today. Time, and how to embody the illusion of time flying away in a few illustrations. Ok, take an universal and worldwide product. So well known is almost an icon. CocaCola will do it. Now, try to brief its more than 125 years of history in a few images representing its highest moments. Ok, if you have talent enough maybe you have came up with a gallery as cool as Zamir´s. If not, don´t worry and take your time.

“Time is the longest distance between two places” –T. Williams-

cocacola_0006_3_860 cocacola_0004_5_860 cocacola_0003_4_860 cocacola_0001_6_860

Extra: Our interpretation of time:


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